Jewellery, Classes and Art by Ruairí O'Neill, we hope you find something you like and will come back again.. 

I've been making Silver Jewellery since the 80's. I always had this dream of creating something Unique that will last forever. When I'd go to the Natural History Museum in Dublin, I was in awe of the Silver and Goldsmiths of our Celtic influenced past. Their jewellery has been with us for over two thousand years.

My jewellery is sculptural in origin with a Celtic influence. I love creating textures, melting metal and creating three dimensional objects that I discover while I'm hammering the metal.
I can't draw in 3d but I create objects in 3d, it's part of the magic of Jewellery making which makes it such a fulfilling career.

I work from my studio in the heart of Connemara, an area of spectacular scenery by the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast of Ireland. I love stones and rocks and I'm always picking up stones and rocks when I'm out for walk to the beach. I've used beach stones in some of my work and I also use round rocks as anvils to hammer on, the texture on the rocks transfer to the metal.

I also teach Silver Jewellery making classes throughout the year. Teaching is a real buzz and great fun. Check out our Blog for photos of The Studio and Connemara. We are also on You Tube!

When I'm not creating Jewellery, I'm either creating Sculptures in Bronze or Steel. I also paint and do Landscape Photography.
As you will notice I am now offering Photographs of my Sculptures and Paintings for you to purchase, I hope you enjoy the selection.

Let me know which are your favourite pieces and why. If you've any questions or need any information leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Ban sult as an obair! (Gaelic for 'Enjoy the work')

Ruairí O'Neill